Can some change in the third T20

The third T20 will be played between Team India and Australia tomorrow.

Can some change in the third T20?

Is there any hope of some change in this match, though there is no room for change since the way Team India played in the second T20, it is not possible to make any changes to Team India.


But if the team management can make changes, however, there can be a change in the batting order, because Virat batting is still at number four,

Perhaps, Virat will look at number 3 in tomorrow's T20, Virat will come to number 3. Team India will get more strength

If Virat comes to number 3, if Virat comes to number 3, then KL Rahul will have to bat at number four but KL Rahul's batting has not been special.

In such a situation, Team India can replace Manish Pandey in place of El Rahul, but excluding any batsman in just two T-20 matches will not be easy for team management.


Talking about the bowling, the way Till Khilil Ahmed and Kunal Pandya were beaten in the first T20, it seemed as if the team management should show them the way out in the second T20.

But it did not happen, but it did not happen, the team management kept both of the bowlers in the playing XI and both the bowlers in the second T20 have performed brilliantly.

It has become clear from the fact that no change can be seen in the third T20 if bowling is done. If Team India wants Kuldeep Yadav to replace Uswendra Chahal,

Yuswendra Chahal is also one of the main bowlers of Team India but he did not get a chance to play a single match. Kuldeep Yadav also has done a fantastic performance in both of the matches, but if Team India wants to give Chawl a chance then Kuldeep Yadav Chahal can be given chance instead.