India v Australia Australia first T20, Australia defeated India by 4 runs to lead 1-0 in the series

If you see the reason for India's defeat, then go to the team, have shown good game in this match and everyone has done well.

But due to some of the mistakes Team India had to face defeat

If Team India has made this mistake a new improvement in the remaining matches then the team will not win the series.

It was a golden opportunity to win Team India in the match. The Team India was near victory but as expected, Team India needed 13 runs to win in the last over,

And the ball was Marcus Stoney's hand and I was in the crease all-rounder Kunal Pandya,

And the hero of the trophy, Dinesh Karthik, all felt that Team India would win this match easily but it did not happen.

Although batting first in the rain-interrupted match, Australia's Maxwell and Steinis made 158 runs in four wickets in front of Team India due to the great batting, Maxwell's contribution was the most.

The special thing about this match is that Team India lost more than Australia but still lost the match, in fact, 17 overs were played in the rain-interrupted match where Australia set a target of 158 for Team India.

But according to the Duckworth-Lewis rule, Team India got target of 174 runs in 17 overs, so Team India could only manage 169 runs,

In this way, Australia defeated India by 4 runs.

Big reason for Team India's defeat

1. Do not let Sharma run -

Rohit Sharma is considered to be a great player of T20 format but in this match, he hit a wrong shot,

Rohit Sharma is a batsman who could play well in the first 20 games, then India could easily win this match because Rohit Sharma is such a batsman,

Once set, it becomes very difficult to get them out.

2. Do not feed the flirtation -

In the short format of Team India's spin bowling, Chahal has become a strong fixture; T20 has been the most spectacular record of all time.

In such a situation, if Team India used to feed the face then Team India could win this match but Team India gave Khalil Ahmed a chance instead,

Well, Khalil Ahmed is a good bowler, but if Kuldeep and Chahal play together, the bowling attack of Team India is very effective,

There is reason for a defeat for Team India not feeding Chahal.

3. Ajayana to Rahul on number three -

There is no doubt that Rahul is a very talented player and he has proven this too,

But their wake is still number three on the opening where they have not done any good batting but they certainly did not score a hundred in England but apart from that they have not done any good batting,

In such a situation, team India and the world's best batsman Virat Kohli, batting at number four, is a reason for Team India's defeat.

Statistics also say that Virat Kohli is the most dangerous player at number 3, batting Kohli Virat Kohli later became costly for Team India.

Team India has to win both the remaining matches Virat Kohli will have to bat above because Team India can not win without Virat Kohli.