Will Rohit Sharma get a chance in the first Test against Australia

When you hear Rohit Sharma's name, you will find an explosive opener in short format but whenever it comes to Rohit Sharma then in a Test match Rohit Sharma strokes.

By the way, Rohit Sharma is considered as the most talented player of Team India but what happens to Rohit Sharma in the Test match.

Rohit Sharma's Test career is always up and down. I make good runs in Rohit Sharma's Test but his performance falls further in overseas.

Will Rohit Sharma get a chance in the first Test against Australia?

But seeing Australia's bouncer pitch, Rohit Sharma has been given a chance in the team, Rohit Sharma is considered the best in the bouncer and his favorite short pool remains.

However, whether Rohit Sharma will get a chance in the first Test or not yet, if Team India comes down with 6 batsmen then Rohit Sharma can get a chance.

But Team India's Playing XI will be watching Peach, if there is help in the middle of the fast bowlers, Team India can come up with four fast bowlers, if the pitch is flat, then India can go with 6 batsmen.

And if you go with the batsmen then Rohit Sharma will also be named

If Rohit Sharma plays in the first Test then he can be expected to make a big innings