India vs Australia Third T20 Team India should get away with the game planes

The ongoing T20 series between India and Australia has now come to an exciting turn, Australia defeated India in the first match.

But in the second T20, India lost by losing hands to India, Team India has made a great comeback in the second team.

Especially the bowlers of Team India did not allow any batsman to run in the second T20.

India vs Australia Third T20 Team India Should Get Down With Game Planes

Team India's confidence in this performance has increased and with this confidence and in the third T20 will be a tough challenge to Australia.

But it will not be so easy for Team India because Australia's team is still looking strong without Smith and Warner

If Team India wants to win the third T20 match then these things have to be kept in mind

1. Perfect Game Planet -

If yes, if you want to beat Australia then your game plane will have to correct it,

Just as Khalil Ahmed was not told in other T20 and Bumra was kept out, it clearly shows that Team India was playing under a good game plan

At the same time, the plane proved to be true even to put Stones on the bouncer.

Likewise, Team India will have to move with a separate camp in the third T20

2. Opening partnership -

If Team India is to win the third T20 then Team India will need a big opening partnership.

By the way, even if one of both Rohit's peak goes on, he can win the match on his own. But, if both of the two run the team, India can not stop them from winning the match.

Especially if Rohit Sharma gives good start in the third T20, no one can stop him from winning team India.

3. Virat Kohli -

Although Virat Kohli has not been anything special in the T20 in 2018, Virat is a batsman who can always get his match on his own.

If Team India has to score a good score before batting first, Virat will have to bat at number 3 because Virat's average and scoring rate at number 3 has been fantastic.

Cricket Expert also believes that if Virat played in three T20s, Virat will play in No. 3, then Team India will be able to score a good score.