Nz vs ind live cricket nz won 4th odi

New Zealand vs. India have won the fourth one-day match by defeating New Zealand team India by 31 runs in the series to 3-1 In this match, none of the Team India batsmen went out and the team India and knotted out only 90 runs out of this team India total None of the batsmen could cross the 20 figure of Team India


Well, bowling from New Zealand was also fantastic, where the train took 5 wickets while bowling magnificent, while co-ordinating with them, Colin de Grandhom has also bowled brilliantly for 3 wickets. Due to both of these team India all out for 92 runs

This is the first time in this series that when the New Zealand team was completely overwhelmed by Team India, whether it was talking about whether to talk, regardless of the fielding, New Zealand's team in all of the bowlers, all three departments dominated by Team India, Dominat Played by

There was no life in the A series because Team India was winning consistently from one side of the series but after this match, the New Zealand team also showed that they can return and the return of Team India's 92 all out done

Team India batting

Talking about the good start of Team India, India did not have any wicket in the 5th over but the fifth ball of the fifth over, when Shikhar Dhawan bowled Trent Boult's leg before being out, the team's India start to fall The series continued till the team was not all out.

Team India's first wicket collapsed on the fifth ball of the 5th over when Trent Boult leg before dismissed Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma also fell victim to the bowling attack on the sixth ball of the innings, then Team India scored 27 runs. Come to bat

But it also did not last long for just 33 runs when Team India had the score, then Team India had lost 3 wickets

The goddess of this match, Shubha Mann Gill too was out in the place of Virat Kohli, Shubhman was not replaced, he played only nine runs in 27 balls, his debut was nothing special

After that all the eyes were on the Jadhav till the hearty Pandya, but today was Bolt's day, he has bowled a lot today and hearty Pandya and Kidar Jadhav have not been allowed to run for long. Team India can also make 100 runs Gaya

Although yuzendra chahal , who scored 18 runs in 37 balls, Kuldeep Yadav scored 16 runs in 38 balls as well as Hardik Pandya contributed 16 runs in 20 balls for three shifts. Team India reached 92 runs in som

                      Top schhorer
Yuzendra chehel - 18 runs

New Zealand bowling

                           trent boult
New Zealand's bowling contribution was the biggest contributor to Paul Paul who took five wickets in the 10th over with 21 runs and in this, he was asked to put 4 Madden in this train when the team India team was all out on 92  besides Colin D. Grandhom also took 2 wickets in 10 years and with the help of Trent Bolt, he got three wickets for 26 runs, along with Colin de Grandham, Apart from James Neesham, get 1 wicket

                     best bowling
Trent boult -  10 - 25 - 5
Colin de grandhom -10 - 26 - 3

Indian bowling

If India talked about bowling, then the team India could not have been deficient in such a way to the school, but Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled well on behalf of Team India and took two wickets in 25 balls with 5 for 5 in addition to any batsman How many matches before he was dismissed in the first over by Guptill only 14 runs, apart from Captain Williamson, caught by Dinesh kartik
                Best bowling
B.Kumar - 5 - 25 -2

New Zealand batting

                new Zealand team
What New Zealand did about the batting first, I had started New Zealand in the first over and Bhuvneshwar Kumar's first offer was in Martin Guptill's 2 sixes in a match, but after that, Martin Guptill lost his wicket in the fourth ball of the first over. After Bhuvneshwar Kumar dismissed him, after coming to open with him, who bowled in the last over, he scored 30 runs off 20 balls The captain came to batting three numbers, the captain just took 11 wickets, he also took Bhuvneshwar Kumar
                   Best batting
Ross taylor. - 37 runs
Henry Nicolas - 30 runs

Visitors will also be able to see the good series because the team has made a comeback, if there is a good match between Team India and New Zealand in the last ODI