nz team
nz team
India vs New Zealand's T20, Team India got to face a heavy defeat, where the New Zealand team defeated Team India by 80 runs to take a zero lead in the series, the three-match T-20 series will be played in this series. In which New Zealand's team has won the first match and Team India is behind 10. There is no good for Team India in this match in this series, I do not bat bowling nor Amazing India in Ilding to show New Zealand easily won the match

New Zealand's batting first scored a huge score in front of Team India, New Zealand made 219 runs at the loss of 6 wickets while batting first. The biggest contribution made by wicketkeeper-batsman team sales came in 84 balls in 43 balls In addition to the seven innings and six sixes in which the New Zealand batsman played a magnificent innings, The bowlers have completely smashed

Team India got a huge defeat in the T20 match, the question arises, what is the reason for Team India's defeat, what is the reason why team India lose this match and see if Team India's 5 big losses

Bad bowling

The main reason for Team India's defeat is that before bowling poor bowling, Team India's team has scored so many runs that the team India was so easily won by the New Zealand team beat the bowlers of Team India a lot and 216 None of the bowlers could bowl well enough to talk about whether the spinner's bus would be able to bowl fast

Bhubaneswar Kumar

Although Bhuvneshwar Kumar is said to be the prince of the screen, he has proven it and he has bowled superbly for the team India in the T20 match, but he also beat many against yesterday, he scored 47 runs in 4 overs. Only one wicket in the first over, Colin Munro and the opening batsman Sefert  played them in the very first over and they did not give chance to settle. bowling Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Khalil Ahmad

Khalil Ahmed, though, is considered to be the next bowling star for Team India, but in yesterday's match, Ahmed did not bowl any way so that he is considered to be the next star that all the bowlers were beaten yesterday but Khalil Ahmed's last The worst form of the time in which time the form continues, in ODIs against New Zealand in ODIs against Australia, they did not look good either in their bowling. He took just one wicket with 48 runs in four

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya, who is called all-rounder of Team India, also disappointed everybody yesterday. I did not see any edge in bowl, and sometimes the full ball of the short ball was not seen in any way Pandya in his form. He spent more than 50 runs in but he took two wickets, but he took 51 wickets and took his wicket for the worst wicket of the day.

Krunal Pandya

Team India all-rounder Krunal Pandya, who became Specialist, also disappointed everybody yesterday, they got one wicket for 47 runs in the 4 overs bowl though they quickly dismissed Captain Williamson, but even the middle order opening batsman of beating him too

yuzvendra Chahal

Yuzvendra Chahal has been in excellent line from the last several matches, he has done a fantastic one-dayer against Australia and New Zealand, so he got an opportunity to play ahead of Kuldeep, but he bowled well against yesterday, All the balls started to be beaten, they got 1 for 35 in the 4 overs bowl, although the most economical for Team India In comparison to tomorrow

Bad batting

The score of 219 runs was huge but it was chacible and seeing India's batting lineup so much, it could change it to Team India but the team's negligence was seen in the heavy batting, especially Rishabh Pant, who tried to separate something In the same middle order and none of the batsmen have been able to support Dhoni


If we talked about opening, then Rohit Sharma could have scored only one ball on 5 balls and he was a victim of Saeedi but Shikhar Dhawan had got a good start, he played 29 runs in 18 balls. But two fours and two sixes were included, but Shikhar Dhan could not stay for long
shikher dhawan, ind vs nz
shikhar dhawan

Middle order

Team India's selection should also be criticized as to why Dhoni was batting so low, in the last one-dayer, the team India was trapped in such a difficult situation when Dhoni won the match on the basis of the number 4 batting team India, in tomorrow's match. Dhoni should have batted above but Vijay was sent to bat at number 3 in the place of Dhoni, though biJay shankar did good batting Aji do but their experience than Dhoni is very handy and the batter is not sent to Dhoni so late so India faced here if Dhoni were batting on three so rarely win this match

Dinesh Karthik, who was also with Dinesh Karthik, was batting on such a low, batting below, Dinesh Karthik, who had to face defeat for the team, could bat at number four in tomorrow's match but Team India should show faith in him ahead of Vijay Shankar though Dinesh Karthik Batting down right now, in view of yesterday's match, the team India and the team captain would send him to bat at number four. If he could get the match tomorrow and if he had a good wife in collaboration with Dhoni, then the team could win this match in India.

Bad strategy

nz vs ind
mithchel santener

Team India got to see a very bad strategy yesterday where they decided to change and quit instead of batting first. In the Mahi Playing XI also played most of the All-rounders, who took the officer to bat at number 8 but this is a huge burden for Team India. Because no all-rounder was able to see the amazing thing tomorrow, whether Vijay Shankar, whether it is the hardik Pandya, it is a matter of what Kunal Pandya

When all the bowlers were beating so much, why was Vijay Shankar not given for bowling though Vijay Shankar 1 is the batsman all-rounder, but he could still bowl and if he had bowled two or two in tomorrow's match then Team India could have been very beneficial but Rohit Sharma's captaincy did not look good yesterday and yesterday he could give Vijay Shankar for the ball.
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